It's Total Body Day

Program Director

You'll have the potential to change lives by recommending Farrell's to prospective members.

Don’t have experience with Farrell’s? No problem! We’ll offer excellent program and sales instruction so you can spend time on enrolling possible members into a program! You need to have the following abilities:

  • An obligation to applying the Farrell’s lifestyle and passion for people
  • Great leadership and interpersonal expertise
  • The capability to work by yourself

This is a part-time sales role that might swiftly turn into a full-time career with Farrell’s. Your responsibilities consist of:

  • Enrolling future members by adopting the Farrell’s international sales procedure
  • Contacting prospects and conducting follow-up discussions to reach monthly membership targets
  • Corresponding with the Franchise Owner and Head Coach on membership sales
  • Training and introducing new students to program foundations
  • Marketing Farrell’s membership programs

Past Farrell’s experience is not required.

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