It's Upper Body Day

Farrell's Teen Challenge

We coach teens on more than physical fitness in Blaine. We teach them healthy habits for life. Farrell's Teen Challenge uses kickboxing, strength training, and nutrition education. But we also instill key life skills such as self-discipline, respect, the significance of creating goals, and so much more!

A Fun Way to Stay Active

Modeled after our 10-Week Challenge, Farrell's 8-Week Teen Challenge gives kids an enjoyable way to stay active. Our program helps kids from grade six through high school stay in shape, increase endurance for sports, or just avoid the couch! At Farrell's, teens will be educated about the essentials of healthy living to make a favorable impact on the rest of their lives.

Learn Life Skills

Like the Farrell's 10-Week Challenge, our Teen Challenge combines many of the tenets of martial arts. Over eight weeks, teens take part in weekly mat talks. They’ll learn strong life lessons such as:

  • Establishing goals
  • Health and wellness
  • Self-discipline
  • Respect
  • Positive attitude
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
The Farrell's Family

As always, Farrell's doesn’t judge others. Teens will experience the same smiles, support, and motivation here that adults do. And no matter if they're an outstanding athlete or need to increase their self-esteem, they’ll belong at Farrell's. We’re a family, and we’re here to help everyone reach their peak potential!

Try Farrell's Teen Challenge
For more information about our Farrell's Teen Challenge in Blaine, please email us or call (763) 784-2401.